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Whether you spend £10m or £500m, our SmartBuying process drives out cost through the use of a tried and tested professional procurement approach:

Stakeholder engagement

In order to ensure savings impact the bottom line, it is important to have a clear message both externally with suppliers and internally with senior management, budget holders and the users of the service. Our stakeholder engagement process gains the buy-in of those people required by identifying, involving and keeping them up to date throughout.

Volume consolidation

Many companies use too many suppliers to provide similar goods or services, particularly when they are spread over multiple locations or geographies. Our approach identifies opportunities to consolidate buying through fewer suppliers to improve commercial terms and simplify supplier management.

Demand management

Our review process identifies opportunities to eliminate unnecessary waste or to purchase more cost effectively. Examples include ensuring clear policies are in place and adhered to where required, or optimising order quantities to reduce cost.

Specification review

Technologies and requirements change over time. We review and challenge specifications so that the appropriate item or service is bought. Why buy the top of the range, when mid-range meets requirements?

Cost reduction

As well as applying a competitive process to ensure optimal supplier pricing, we also focus on all other commercial aspects of the agreement: payment terms, pass-through costs, termination or cancellation costs, disposal, performance incentives and many more.

Supplier performance

You expect your suppliers to deliver a reliable service. We ensure clear service level agreements are in place to support your business. We also identify potential supply risks and develop contingency plans where appropriate.